WATCH: Groom Exposes Cheating Bride, Airs Video Of Dirty Deed On Their Wedding Day

Women dream about their wedding day. Every flower, every hor d’oevre, every detail is painstakingly crafted to make the perfect day. For one bride, her wedding day was everything she dreamed of. Until the couple was announced and a video played of her banging some dude who wasn’t her husband. Turns out, her new husband added some details of his own to the wedding.

Britney Spears not understanding why she can’t get married at a Catholic church when she isn’t Catholic is no longer the most cringeworthy wedding content we’ve seen.

The video is from 2019, but it’s blowing up on TikTok now. It’s from China, so the fact it’s blowing up on the communist Chinese-owned platform is kinda funny. Also, because it’s from China, they are speaking a funny language. But the New York Post translated the groom’s reaction, upon finding out his virgin bride was defloured by his brother-in-law (I’m assuming he has another sister and this isn’t an incestuous thing) as “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

Unfortunately, since the video is from 2019, it does not follow 2022’s best practices for content. KEEP. THE. VIDEO. RECORDING. I’m sure what happened is that the wedding guest thought they were capturing a beautiful moment as it was the debut of Mr. and Mrs. Whoever. Then when the video showed Mrs. Whoever loving some other dude long time, they shut their phone off. We’re left wondering what happened after the big reveal that, to quote Panic! at the Disco, the poor groom’s bride is a whore.

I’m sure some are wondering why the groom would go through with the wedding knowing that his fiance was cheating on him. But be honest: If it was you, and you found out, you’d be this petty. It would be totally worth the quicky divorce and/or annulment.






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