Photographer Captures The Perfect Shot Of Stunning Bald Eagle

Nature is constantly posing for that perfect shot, but it is undoubtedly very hard to take a really beautiful and unique photo. Many of us might be lucky to see it, but few are in the right position to capture it.

Yet, there are times where everything falls into its place, and you get a perfect picture of the moment. One such picture was the one taken by Canadian photographer Steve Biro, and as soon as it was posted online, thousands of people agreed that it is simply flawless.

The picture was taken of a bald eagle named Bruce, skimming the surface of a pond at the Canadian Raptor Conservatory.

The conservatory is home to over 200 captive-bred birds and regularly cares for dozens of sick and injured animals until they can be returned to the wild, so numerous photographers flock there to try their luck in capturing the perfect photo.

Biro has been involved in photography for about a decade. He ran into Bruce the Bald Eagle while taking pictures at Ontario’s Canadian Raptor Conservatory.

He decided to take a photo of him while flying over the water, but the bird was not all that happy with where he was set up, so close to the edge of the pond, which seemed to be his territory.

Biro was determined to shoot, even though the eagle was flying inches over his head.

He said it as a magnificent experience, as he felt the breeze from his wings as he flew over him, and people who were there were gasping as he came over his head.

Yet, he caught the moment and the result was spectacular.

He claims that this photograph struck him a bit more special than the others, as the bird is squared up perfectly, while its both wings are touching the water. He loved the symmetry of the photo, and was blown away by the way the eagle was staring right through him, looking mean and powerful.

He shared the photo on his Instagram account with a caption that read, “So lucky to capture a symmetrical reflection of this beautiful Bald Eagle coming straight at me!”

After Biro posted the symmetrical shot on his Instagram and to Facebook photography group, the stunning piece of art is continually shared online, and has even made it to the front page of Reddit.

I decided to repost as my cover with a watermark as this eagle is getting shared more than I imagined!

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