LOL: Don Lemon, Joy Behar Get Ripped to Shreds by Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is rock star Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and the former co-host of “The Talk”. She was fired from that co-host job when she stood up for Piers Morgan, who was accused of “racism.”

Having learned the proper lessons from that experience, she now has nothing but disdain for those involved on the opposite side, particularly CNN’s recently demoted Don Lemon and the always far-left Joy Behar, both of whom she views have having wronged her a good bit.

And so she recently opened up a can of “whoop a**” all over both of those characters, airing some dirty laundry and skewering the two personalities in a recent interview for a Fox News docuseries called “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back”.

Bizpac reports this about what Don Lemon did to Sharon Osbourne and what she said about him:

He covered the controversy which eventually led to Osbourne’s termination, claiming he was “enraged” by her telling fellow co-host Sheryl Underwood not to cry during a conversation that got intense. Instead of asking Osbourne for a quote or an explanation, Lemon brought on Jemele Hill and the duo proceeded to lambast her on race.

“He turned against me. He never called for a quote. He never called for his statement, and he turned against me. And I was a big fan of his,” Osbourne explained.

“He used to do the New Year’s Eve show, and he would get drunk and he’d be in clubs, and I thought he was a hoot. I really did. But, I just thought, ‘How ignorant of you not to ask the other side,’ because that’s your job. That’s what you’re meant to do. So, I thought, ‘I’m not watching you on New Year’s Eve again.’”

Being a big fan of Don Lemon’s was issue number one, but we’ll forgive Sharon for it. At least she ripped into him later.

Oh, and Osbourne had a special dislike for Joy Behar as well, telling a social about her experience with Behar at a social function that makes “The View” co-host look beyond awful. As Sharon Osbourne put it:

“I met [Joy] once at a social function and she picked up my hand and looked at my wedding ring and said, ‘Oh, my God that’s gaudy.’

“I wanted to say, ‘Jealous,’ but I didn’t, I held it back. I just think that she’s a bit cray-cray.”

And, sounding off on cancel culture generally, Osbourne said:

“I was this lamb that was slaughtered that morning and CBS denied responsibility on the news.”

Joy Behar is safely ensconced in a job on “The View,” so her leftism hasn’t hurt her too much. Don Lemon was, however, recently demoted by CNN, which aims to return to real news rather than the rambling opinions of vapid talking heads. He proved himself such a person during a wild rant and argument about whether former president Donald Trump and his supporters are “semi-fascists” as Joe Biden said in a recent speech.

Lemon, arguing with Scott Jennings about that, said:

“Listen, Scott, no, no, no listen. The former president every single day talked s— about everybody, including other presidents (and) including members of his own party. Probably you on CNN. Now everybody is all of a sudden, they have got the vapors about one statement that Joe Biden made in his entire year and a half of his presidency. It is just… Spare me the.

“In the last year and a half, a lot of things have happened and I say, all Republicans, Republicans who come on CNN like you and leaders, they have a lot to answer for because they have made excuses for this president’s behavior the entire time he was in office and now that he is out of office when it is blatantly obvious that many of the things he did were wrong!”

“I think Republicans in this moment should spare me the hysteria about something that this current president (Biden)… one thing that he said, when every single day, I sat here for five years and listened to Donald Trump call people, call country’s sh*tholes, call people sons of b*tches, made fun of reporters for having, for their disabilities, all kinds of things.”

Shortly after that, CNN moved Lemon off of its prime time lineup, which has fallen significantly behind Fox News Channel.

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