Husband Is Ordered To Pay $220,000 To His Ex-Wife For Unpaid Housework.

In Spain, a court has decided that one husband has to pay his ex-wife hundreds of thousands of dollars in the wake of their divorce.

It was decided in court that the Spanish husband needed to reimburse his ex-wife for thousands of hours of unpaid domestic labor over the course of their 25-year marriage.

Based on the Spanish minimum wage during that length of time, the businessman husband is going to have to pay his ex-wife, Ivana Moral, about $220,000 or 204,624.86 euros.

Female Judge Laura Ruiz Alaminos ruled in favor of the ex-wife after she looked at all of the details of the divorce, which largely favored the rich businessman husband who was able to pay an arm and a leg to get the best legal representation possible to make the divorce go in his favor.

However, the judge sitting in the courtroom in Velez-Malaga in south Spain did not believe the husband was entitled to everything, so she decided to make him pay back his ex-wife for all of the years of hard work she put in to make sure their home was clean and tidy.

Over the years, Ivana Moral spent hours and hours cleaning the family house and taking care of their two daughters.

Because Moral spent almost all of her time cleaning the home and w orking as a housewife to care for her husband and their two daughters, she was never able to pursue her own business interests or get ahead with her education.

Now, the businessman husband must pay his ex-wife more than $500 per month in restitution for failing to adequately compensate his wife during the course of their marriage. The father and husband must also shell out an additional $400 and $600 to his two daughters, who are now aged twenty and fourteen, respectively.

Ivana Moral married her horrible husband in 1995 and stuck it out with him for years until she asked for a divorce in 2020.

She claims to be satisfied with the judge’s ruling since she will be receiving a monthly payment from her businessman husband for all the hard work she put in for her family and household over the decades of service in her marriage.

“Clearly, this was a case of abuse to be completely excluded financially (by my ex-husband) with nothing left after my marriage ended, so my daughters and I were left with nothing after all these years of putting all my time, energy and love in the family,” she told i.

“I was supporting my husband in his work and in the family as a mother and a father. I was never allowed access to his financial affairs; everything was in his name.”

Once she married, Moral’s opportunities for personal development and advancement dwindled to next to nothing since her husband expected her “to essentially [work] in the home, which meant looking after the home and the family and all that involves.”

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