Critics Attack Dad For Putting A Leash On All 5 Of His Kids

When it comes to the responsibilities of being a parent, Jordan Driskell has to deal with it all. As a father of five children, all of who are part of a set of quintuplets, he has his hands full every single day of his life.

Although Driskell loves his children, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make being a parent a bit easier for himself and his children, so he does not get shy when he leashes up his five children, all aged five, to make sure none of them escape while the family is out in public.

In a recent video, Driskell went viral because he shared how he leashed up his five young children to keep them in line. He shares his children with his wife Briana, and they agree that leashing up the kids is the best way to ensure that the parents are in control of every situation – or the children could escape and run amok, causing all sorts of severe problems.

Driskell recorded the viral video in 2021. However, it did not go viral until he decided to reshare the clip about leashing up his children and repost it to his account on social media. Now, Instagram users are sharing their shock at Driskell for keeping his children on leashes to ensure they are safe while out in public.

In his viral video, Driskell is walking along outside of a local aquarium with his five busy children in tow.

He has all five of his quintuplets locked together via a leash so that Gavin, Asher, Zoey, Dakota, and Hollyn are not able to escape from the group and go cause trouble somewhere else. Driskell also uses leashes to make sure his children are all staying together, so one doesn’t accidentally run out into traffic and get hit by a speeding vehicle.

The video shows that Driskell has each child secured with a harness. He holds a leash attached to the harness, making sure not to let any one of his five quintuplets escape his line of sight, ensuring their safety at the cost of their autonomy.

“When people judge me for using child leashes …,” the video reads.

He captioned the video with a bunch of hashtags along with the note, “come walk a mile in my shoes.”

The video has more than three million views and counting. Hundreds of people have shared their shocked reactions to Driskell’s leashing policy in the comment section of the video. Some people think it is strange that the busy dad has to leash up his children, while other Instagram users believe his tactic is cruel and unusual punishment.

“They are humans, not dogs,” one person told him.

“Don’t have that many kids if you can’t handle the pressure,” another commenter said.

“Can’t you just train your children well?” someone else asked. “Explain to them why it’s dangerous to run away?”

Do you think children should be leashed like dogs?

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